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Check out <a href="">EIA’s beta test site</a> and leave your feedback.

Check out EIA’s beta test site and leave your feedback.

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) – the statistical and analytical agency within the Energy Department – recently launched an interactive electricity data browser on a test website that allows users to search in one location much of EIA’s electricity data and to customize it to meet their information needs.

As an experimental product, EIA is encouraging the public to submit suggestions on how to improve the browser’s features and data presentation. EIA’s beta test site features about a dozen pop-up information boxes that appear at the click of a help button to describe how to use the browser. You can also watch a short video to see how it works. 

You can find a range of electricity information through the browser: from the amount of total U.S. electricity generated by wind or solar energy to the amount generated at an individual power plant in a state. Before, users had to look online at separate EIA electricity reports to find specific data, especially over time periods. Now, this data comes together in one place.

The browser provides data on electricity generation, power demand, fuel generation costs and much more on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis back to 2001. You can pick pre-generated tables or search broadly for electricity information on the United States as a whole. Then you can narrow the data to a region of the country, a particular state, or a plant.

Get involved!  Provide your own feedback and/or see what others are saying. Encourage your colleagues in the energy world to visit the new browser and contribute to the dialogue. EIA's Office of Communications and other EIA offices will use the feedback to further improve the browser before its final release on at the end of April.