Energy Department Graphic.

August means “back to school” for students, but for many teachers it’s a time to apply what they’ve learned over the summer in trainings and professional development courses. The Energy Department teamed up with the Smithsonian Science Education Academies for Teachers this year to promote an understanding of renewable energy resources in the classroom.

The Energy Innovations and Implications Academy -- a week-long training -- brought together scientists, engineers and experts from the Smithsonian Science Education Center and the Department of Energy. These experts shared the latest research, ideas and activities in bioenergy, hydrogen and fuel cells, and geothermal to get teachers and students excited about renewable energy innovation.

Teachers learned how the technologies work, how they are being used today and how they fit into a clean energy economy. They were also introduced to the Energy Department’s Energy Literacy resources as a framework to bring this new information back to school.

By teaching the teacher, events like this one make a powerful impact on public understanding of America’s energy needs. This year’s academy has just graduated a pool of motivated teachers, ready to arm the next generation of energy leaders to save the planet!

To learn more about the Energy Department’s Energy Literacy resources, visit our Energy Literacy page or watch some of our Energy 101 videos.