“The Interagency Methane Strategy is a critical part of the President’s Climate Action Plan and the Department of Energy will play an integral, active part of these efforts. The Department is already engaged in several efforts to help reduce methane emissions from energy systems, in the U.S. and internationally. 

“As noted in the Strategy, the Department will continue to conduct research and analysis to help improve our ability to measure methane emissions and advance technologies and practices that will enable cost-effective emissions reductions.  We will also continue our work with National Labs and other federal agencies to help advance sound policy solutions, including through technical assistance to state governments, many of which are actively working to reduce emissions and encourage broader adoption of mitigation strategies. We recently hosted the first of several roundtable discussions with industry, state governments, labor, and other stakeholders to help accelerate the adoption of best practices to reduce methane emissions from natural gas systems, including processing, transmission and storage, and distribution. The Department looks forward to expanding our stakeholder discussions, collaborating with the other participating agencies and continuing our work on this important issue.”