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Washington, DC - Energy Secretary Steven Chu made the following statement regarding President Obama's decision to allow promising stem cell research to go forward under strict ethical guidelines:

"One of the reasons I joined President Obama's cabinet was his commitment to making decisions on the basis of sound science rather than ideology - a commitment he demonstrated again today with his thoughtful, compassionate decision to allow ethical stem cell research to go forward. This research may hold the potential to restore a failing heart, calm the tremors of Parkinson's, free a child from juvenile diabetes or offer treatments to those with spinal cord injuries. We don't yet know for certain if these breakthroughs are possible, but millions of families touched by these diseases or accidents deserve to know that politics will no longer stand in the way of a cure for their loved one. I applaud the President's decision to move forward with this research under rigorous ethical safeguards that respect the strongly held beliefs people on both sides can have over this issue.

"President Obama also made clear today that his commitment to decisions based on science instead of ideology extends beyond stem cell research -- tasking every agency to ensure that sound science is at the heart of decisions we make. From energy to environmental protection to health care reform, Americans will be well served by this approach. "

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