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The Nobel Laureate Symposium has been a valuable opportunity to collaborate with the world's best scientists on the important energy, economic and climate challenges the world faces.  Today's Declaration by the Nobel Laureates reflects the consensus of scientists both that the threat of global warming is real and that it is not yet too late for us to take action to prevent the worst consequences.  I'm a scientist, but I'm also now a government official.  And while it's not appropriate for me as a government official to join a private petition intended to influence governments, I'm deeply committed to helping the Obama Administration deliver on the bold and necessary changes the President has outlined.  I have never been as optimistic as I am today that we have a real chance for action to address this crisis and fundamentally transform the way we use and produce energy.  I appreciate the important work and ideas of my fellow Nobel Laureates, and I look forward to working with them and others around the world to seize the opportunity before us.

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