WASHINGTON -- Today, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz issued the following statement on the 3rd U.S. National Climate Assessment:

"The scientific community has been sounding the alarm over climate change for decades, and the 3rd U.S. National Climate Assessment released today offers the most comprehensive scientific report to date on U.S. climate change impacts. Developed by our nation’s top climate and technical experts – including many from the Energy Department’s national labs – this report makes clear that climate change is affecting every region of the United States and key sectors across our economy. If our emissions of greenhouse gases remain unabated, we will face increasingly significant damages, including rising sea levels and an increase in droughts, heat waves, wildfires and intense storms.

"Even as the Energy Department is taking strong steps to cut carbon pollution and work with our international partners to build a more sustainable energy future, we must prepare for the effects of climate change we are already seeing. Just last week, I announced the creation of the first federal regional gasoline reserve – strengthening the Northeast’s ability to withstand potential fuel supply disruptions in the face of more and more severe natural disasters. While there is no one solution to climate change, we must understand regional characteristics and differences to effectively strengthen the resiliency of our energy sector and improve our competitive position in the global economy. Over the next few months, as part of the federal government’s first Quadrennial Energy Review, we will be traveling around the country to meet with stakeholders about their local and regional energy infrastructure challenges. From New England to New Orleans to the Pacific Northwest, these discussions will build on the findings of today’s National Climate Assessment to address the challenge of leveraging our diverse and rich energy landscape while enhancing U.S. energy security for decades to come."