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Solar Industry At Work | Laila Mattos

Laila Mattos talks about her work life at Alta Devices -- a solar company based in Silicon Valley. | Video by Hantz Leger.

Our Solar Industry At Work Series shares the personal success of America’s solar workforce – from finance experts, to scientists, to engineers. You can learn more about the series here

“Great solar won’t go anywhere unless its low cost.”

So says Laila Mattos, a technology manager at Alta Devices – a Silicon Valley-based solar company.

Alta is known for its gallium-arsenide solar cells. In fact, the super-thin, highly-efficient cells hold the world record for being the most efficient at converting the sun’s energy into electricity. This makes it possible for the cells to capture the sun’s energy almost anywhere.

Alta is committed to keeping costs for solar energy economically competitive – developing innovative manufacturing processes to keep their technology costs as low as possible. In 2009, Alta was selected for a $3 million grant from the Energy Department as part of the SunShot Incubator program – which supports companies with technologies that offer pathways to dramatic cost reductions in solar technology.

Watch the video above to learn more about Laila’s work at Alta, why she chose a career in solar, and what it means to work at a “disruptive” solar company.