Today at the Washington Auto Show, Secretary Moniz highlighted the Energy Department’s role in developing the next generation of fuel-efficient and electric vehicles and announced nearly $50 million to support advanced vehicle technologies that will provide drivers with more transportation options while helping them save money at the pump. While at the auto show, the Secretary also had a chance to visit a number of automakers to see the latest models of fuel-efficient and alternative fuel vehicles.

The photo gallery above shows highlights of the Secretary’s tour, where he had the opportunity to see cars and trucks that have benefitted from the Energy Department’s vehicle research in everything from lightweight materials and advanced combustion to electric vehicles and fuel cells. For example, the new Ford F-150 uses military-grade aluminum for the body -- a breakthrough that builds on the Department’s research in this area in the late 1990s and early 2000s -- to reduce the vehicle’s weight by more than 500 pounds and improve its fuel economy. And Hyundai’s Tucson fuel cell vehicle, which will go on sale in California in spring 2014, leverages the Department’s research in fuel cell components like catalysts and membranes to help make it the first mass-market hydrogen vehicle available in the U.S.

Take a moment to explore the slideshow, and for more on how the Energy Department’s vehicle research is laying the foundation for more efficient vehicles, visit EERE’s blog.

Rebecca Matulka
Served as a digital communications specialist for the Energy Department.Served as a digital communications specialist for the Energy Department.
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