Department of Energy

Seventy-Five Students to Receive Nuclear Energy Scholarships and Fellowships

May 9, 2014

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WASHINGTON – The Energy Department today announced over $5 million to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing nuclear science and engineering degrees. The awards include 42 undergraduate scholarships and 33 graduate-level fellowships for students studying at U.S. colleges and universities.

“Nuclear power is an important part of the low carbon solution, and the Energy Department is committed to supporting a strong domestic nuclear energy industry,” said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. “By helping to educate and train the next generation of nuclear energy leaders in the United States, we can strengthen our competitive position in the global market and continue American leadership in clean energy innovation.”

As part of the awards announced today, each undergraduate scholarship provides $5,000 to help cover education costs for the upcoming year, while the three-year graduate fellowships provide $50,000 each year to help pay for graduate studies and research. Fellowships also include $5,000 to fund a summer internship at a U.S. national laboratory or other approved facility to strengthen the ties between students and the Department’s nuclear energy research programs.

Since 2009, the Energy Department has awarded over $23 million to nearly 430 students for nuclear energy scholarships and fellowships. Over ninety-five percent of the fellowship students who have completed the program are now pursuing careers in nuclear energy fields at the Department’s national laboratories, other government agencies, academic institutions or private companies.

Find additional information about the Energy Department’s nuclear energy scholarships and fellowships awarded today at the Nuclear Energy University Programs website.