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Secretary Perry and Sandy Weill sign a Memorandum of Understanding on using artificial intelligence to advance Transformative Science. 

Video courtesy of the Department of Energy

LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA – Today, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and Founder of the Weill Family Foundation, Mr. Sandy Weill, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to formally initiate a public-private partnership for artificial intelligence (AI), neurological disorders, and related subjects. The partnership will apply DOE-fueled AI capabilities to advance transformative scientific opportunities in biomedical and public health research.

The MOU will foster collaboration to demonstrate AI based research breakthroughs that span from basic science focused on a better understanding of how the brain functions, to clinical and translational research focused on developing novels methods for preventing, treating, and repairing damage caused by diseases and disorders of the brain.    

“Artificial Intelligence has the power to literally change the world we live in by tackling some of the biggest problems facing humanity – from improving our environment, to advancing our understanding of the cosmos; from increasing cyber security to improving crop production,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry. “This Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Energy and Weill Family Foundation will advance groundbreaking AI research and development in health sciences that will enhance our overall security and improve our quality of life.”

“Today marks the beginning of a collaboration that will fuel the acceleration of utilizing artificial intelligence in neuroscience research to launch a new era in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disease.  We are thrilled to partner with Secretary Perry and the Department of Energy on this important initiative and we look forward to positively impacting lives and society for many generations to come,” said Mr. Sandy Weill, Founder of the Weill Family Foundation.    

"This Memorandum of Understanding demonstrates the Trump Administration's commitment to leverage the full U.S. innovation ecosystem for the advancement of artificial intelligence. As part of the American AI Initiative, our national AI strategy, we recognize the importance of private-public partnerships to ensure the Nation's leadership in AI and that AI technologies are applied for the benefit of the American people. We look forward to the groundbreaking AI research, discovery, and innovation to come from this partnership," said Michael Kratsios, Chief Technology Officer of the United States. 

This MOU also recognizes how Artificial Intelligence tools and other innovative technologies for the study and understanding of neurological disorders and traumatic brain injuries could be enhanced through coordinated activities between DOE, the Weill Family Foundation, and interested third parties in academia, private industry, philanthropists, and governments on additional topics of mutual interest.

The full Memorandum of Understanding can be found HERE.


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