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Washington, DC - On Monday, June 13th , U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu will participate in an event at the White House on "Building the 21st Century Grid." The event is from 10-11:30 a.m. Eastern and will be livestreamed at At the event, the Administration will announce a number of new public- and private-sector initiatives designed to accelerate the modernization of the Nation's electric infrastructure, bolster electric-grid innovation, and advance a clean energy economy, in part by taking greater advantage of digital and communications or "smart grid" technologies

Also at the event, the White House will release a report by the Cabinet-level National Science and Technology Council, "A Policy Framework for the 21st Century Grid," which charts a collaborative path forward for applying smart grid technologies to the Nation's electricity infrastructure to facilitate the integration of renewable sources of power into the grid; help accommodate the growing number of electric vehicles; help avoid blackouts and restore power quicker when outages occur; and reduce the need for new power plants.

A press release, fact sheet, and copies of the report will be available on the Office of Science and Technology Policy website at 10am Monday.

Administration Officials Participating

Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy

John P. Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology; Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture

David Hayes, Deputy Secretary of Interior

Phil Weiser, National Economic Council Senior Advisor

Nancy Sutley, Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality

Aneesh Chopra, U.S. Chief Technology Officer

Media contact(s):

(202) 586-4940