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MUMBAI, INDIA - U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman today met with Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Secretary of the Department of Atomic Energy, in Mumbai to address the United States and India's nuclear cooperation and highlight the countries' ongoing partnership to advance global energy security.  Earlier today, Secretary Bodman met with U.S. and Indian venture capitalists to discuss opportunities for investment in clean energy technologies.  Secretary Bodman also participated in a roundtable discussion with nuclear industry leaders on the private sector's role in expanding access to clean, safe, and reliable nuclear energy across the country.

"As two of the world's growing economies, the United States and India are global partners in advancing energy security and increasing access to clean, safe and reliable energy sources including nuclear power," Secretary Bodman said.  "Our bilateral cooperation to increase national security, grow our economies, and help the people of India to produce more clean safe civilian nuclear power requires industry participation in India's energy sector.  This public - private collaboration will attract the advanced technologies and infrastructure investments necessary to expand civil nuclear power in India."

In his morning meeting with U.S. and Indian venture capitalists, which was hosted by the Confederation of Indian Industry, Secretary Bodman discussed investment opportunities and challenges in India.  In particular, Secretary Bodman emphasized the growing market for investment in renewable energy and other clean energy technologies in the U.S. and the benefits of similar investment opportunities in India.

During his meeting with Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Secretary Bodman outlined opportunities to advance nuclear cooperation between the countries through the U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Initiative, which was launched in a July 2005 Joint Statement by President Bush and Prime Minister Singh.  In December 2006, President Bush signed the Henry J. Hyde U.S.-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation Act and although additional steps remain, the Act, once implemented, will strengthen nuclear cooperation in a proliferation resistant manner between the countries and enable the United States and India to meet growing demand by incorporating clean, safe civilian nuclear power into India's energy mix.

In addition, Secretary Bodman and Dr. Kakodkar toured the Tarapur Nuclear Facility, which included a visit to two U.S.-funded General Electric boiling water reactors, as well as India's latest generation of advanced pressurized heavy-water reactors commissioned in the fall of 2006.  India's progress demonstrated key opportunities for further cooperation between the U.S. and India and provided a critical perspective of India's nuclear installations and planned growth in the nuclear industry.

Secretary Bodman also joined Dr. Kakodkar and Dr. S.K. Jain, Chairman and Managing Director of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India, in a Nuclear Industry Roundtable hosted by the Federation of Independent Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).  The roundtable included representatives from both the U.S. and Indian nuclear industry.  During the roundtable, Secretary Bodman highlighted the importance of the private sector participation and investments in safely expanding India's nuclear power sector.  Secretary Bodman addressed the role of the U.S. private sector in advancing clean, safe, and reliable nuclear power in the United States and the potential role of American nuclear vendors in India's civil nuclear development.

Secretary Bodman's visit to Mumbai wraps up a three day visit to India where he discussed cooperation through the U.S.-India Energy Dialogue, opportunities to advance cooperation in civil nuclear energy and nuclear non-proliferation, and the importance of a stable investment climate and the development and deployment of clean energy technologies that can enable India to meet growing global energy demands in an environmentally responsible way.

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