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Each quarter, the Secretary recognizes Energy Department employees who have risen to the challenge to streamline our operations, avoid costs, and implement changes we can be proud of.

Once again, employees from across the complex are supporting the Department’s mission by demonstrating a commitment to excellence in our management and operations.

The following employees received Secretarial Achievement Awards last week in recognition for their contributions:

  • David Arakawa (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) managed the Spallation Neutron Source Instruments – Next Generation (SING) project, where his hands-on approach helped him lead his team to complete the project two months ahead of schedule and $263,000 under budget.
  • Brian Lally (Office of Science’s Chicago Site Office) helped create and execute reforms that provide more flexibility in negotiating intellectual property rights for technologies developed at the national labs. This will make it easier for private companies to take advantage of lab capabilities, create jobs, and accelerate the development of new clean energy technologies.
  • Ben Dotson (Office of Public Affairs) and Suzanne Nawrot (Office of the Chief Information Officer) have been instrumental leading the award winning digital reform efforts, helping save the Department $10 million annually. Many other talented individuals across the Department have also driven website reform work in their own offices, including Louise Fickel (Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability), Kelly Knopf (Office of Environmental Management), and Lee Blackard (Office of Hearings and Appeals).
  • Travis Howerton (National Nuclear Security Administration), Anil Karmel (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Mary Helen Hitson (Y-12), Robbie Green (Office of the Chief Information Officer), and Pete Tseronis (Office of the Chief Information Officer) led a new approach to IT services throughout the Department to create a stronger, more efficient IT strategy, helping lower costs and drive collaboration across program offices.
  • Denise Clarke and Deborah Black (Office of Acquisition and Project Management) leveraged collective purchasing, helping the Department save money and improve process efficiency. Their work was also recently recognized with the GSA SmartPay2 Innovation Award for creative solutions that are driving savings while enhancing the security of credit card payment systems.
  • Carrie Fetto (Richland Operations Office) and Matt Swanson (Office of Chief Human Capital Officer) spearheaded an effort to improve and streamline the Department’s hiring process. Using extensive benchmarking, policy research, and reengineering, they created a new job opportunity announcement template that will help applicants to better understand the required qualifications and find answers to their questions about the job.

These employees deserve congratulations for their contributions toward making the Department a more efficient and effective place to work. Next quarter we look forward to recognizing the efforts of more of our federal employees and contractors who have answered this call.

If you know of other efficiency success stories happening around the Department, or if you'd like to suggest other efficiency measures, you can share them with us via this feedback page.