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If you haven't submitted your Part I application for Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Program’s Renewables Solicitation yet, today is your last day!  Round 8, Part I applications for DOE's Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Advanced Transmission and Distribution Technologies Solicitation (2009) are due today by midnight EDT.  Applicants can submit information through either the online application portal or by using FedConnect and Express Mail.  Round 7 and Round 8 Part II applications are due December 31, 2010.

The “Renewables Solicitation” invites the submission of applications for projects in the U.S. that employ energy efficiency, renewable energy, and advanced transmission and distribution technologies that constitute new or significantly improved technologies.  Information on specific eligibility requirements can be found on the Loan Programs Office Web site.

Ebony Meeks is the Assistant Press Secretary at the Department of Energy