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Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is a hot bed of activity with various Recovery Act projects funded through the Office of Environmental Management. For example, North Wind Services will be constructing several new structures at the INL Radioactive Waste Management Complex -- facilities that will provide important protection from the elements and minimize the spread of contamination during buried waste excavation, retrieval and packaging operations.

Pictures of Recovery Act Projects at Idaho National Lab

Down the road at the Advanced Test Reactor Complex, TerranearPMC is working to deactivate and demolish Test Reactor Area-712 as well as three other test reactor areas. Works includes characterization or classification of materials remaining in the basin, safe removal of all support equipment (such as miscellaneous valves, piping, pumps, motors and/or electrical panels) and, of course, the demolition.

Across the way at the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center, teams are hard at work safely transferring spent nuclear fuel from large, water filled pools to dry storage areas. This is because while pools serve as an effective shield for radiation, dry storage prevents the fuel from degrading as quickly and is recognized as the preferred method of safely storing spent nuclear fuel long term.

These are just a few of the many Recovery Act projects currently underway at INL. To learn more check out this month’s issue of Recovery News