Department of Energy

Rebuilding the American Auto Industry

December 8, 2011

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Three years ago, critics said that America's auto industry could not or should not be saved, and that our country should simply accept defeat and watch the industry collapse. The Administration refused to accept this proposition, and made strategic investments to help U.S. auto manufacturers weather the storm and retool to produce the hybrid, electric, and highly fuel efficient advanced vehicles of the future. With the help of these investments -- and the incredible talent and commitment of America's auto workers -- the auto industry is growing again.

In fact, as the chart above shows, after 7 consecutive years of decline, U.S. motor vehicle production has rebounded -- growing by more than 2 million vehicles in 2010, an increase of more than 35 percent from the year before.  This shows that the Administration's decision not to abandon the U.S. auto industry was the right choice -- and the future is bright.