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In connection with today's Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas, Energy Secretary Steven Chu hosted three bilateral meetings. He met with Canadian Minister of Natural Resources Christian Paradis and discussed a range of energy issues affecting the U.S. and Canada, including investments in energy efficiency and clean fossil fuels.

Secretary Chu also attended a bilateral meeting with the Chilean Minister of Energy Ricardo Raineri Bernain. During the meeting, Secretary Chu and Minister Raineri discussed Chile's earthquake reconstruction, renewable energy deployment and various other clean energy topics.

This afternoon, Energy Secretary Steven Chu had a bilateral meeting with Venezuela's Minister of the People's Power for Energy Rafael Ramirez and other members of the Venezuelan delegation to the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas. Also in attendance were other senior U.S. government officials, including Patrick Duddy, U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela, and Cheryl Mills, Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Clinton.

While the U.S. and Venezuela certainly don't agree on all issues, Secretary Chu and the Administration believe that dialogue on energy and climate issues is important for our two countries. The United States appreciates the major commitments that Venezuela has made to help the people of Haiti recover, including ensuring the continued operation of critical power plants in Haiti. Secretary Chu stressed the urgent and shared obligation of countries around the world to take aggressive action in moving toward clean energy. The two countries agreed to restart dialogue on technical energy issues and will do so in the months ahead.

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