At two miles long, SLAC's linear particle accelerator is a monster of a machine. But now, thanks to an old collection of Legos and some creative work by SLAC graphic designer Greg Stewart, the two-mile accelerator has been drastically reduced in size. After happening upon his Legos at home one night, Stewart decided to spend his evening designing, building and photographing this Lego diorama homage to the inside of the SLAC linac, a place that's 20 feet underground and not often seen by anyone besides the accelerator engineers who work there. SLAC's safety officers will even be pleased to see the Lego workers wearing their "PPE" (personal protective equipment, in this case helmets). See an actual <a href="; target="_blank">photo of the SLAC linac</a>. | Photo courtesy of Greg Stewart, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

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