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Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework

Learn more about the Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework, an online data sharing and mapping toolkit.

Yesterday, Secretary Chu announced a $241 million loan guarantee for Diamond Green Diesel, funding which will support the construction of a facility that will nearly triple the amount of renewable diesel produced domestically. This is an important milestone for bioenergy in the U.S., but it also underscores the fact that as renewable power and fuels markets rapidly evolve, the emerging bioenergy industry faces many complex issues. The Department of Energy has taken critical steps toward transforming our biomass resources into clean fuels, products, and power, yet much work remains to build a competitive, successful, self-sustaining bioenergy industry.

Accessing accurate information, conducting detailed analyses, and forging broader and deeper collaborations are more important than ever to address challenging issues – and accelerate and expand bioenergy production.

To foster the incredible potential of emerging bioenergy technologies, DOE’s Biomass Program has launched the Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework (KDF), an online data sharing and mapping toolkit.

The KDF provides the general public, scientists and engineers, and private sector and government leaders with extensive data, analysis, and visualization tools to monitor the bioenergy industry. Specifically:

  • Policy makers can assess and decide: Access the latest research data and models on biomass production to inform strategic decisions at federal, state, and local levels.
  • Private industry can identify and invest: Benefit from national lab and university analyses to better identify opportunities and inform business strategies.
  • Researchers can connect and share: Collaborate with partners in national laboratories, academia, and industry by uploading files, customizing information, and sharing maps.
  • The public can explore and learn: Discover how your community can benefit from these renewable energy sources.

Also, the KDF helps the bioenergy industry meet sustainability goals by supporting efforts to monitor air quality, water resources, and land conservation. You can access the KDF’s web-enabled platform at Get ready to explore its integrated data, models, and mapping tools to help develop a robust and sustainable bioenergy industry!