Merida, Mexico – The Honorable Greg Rickford, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources; Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, Mexico’s Secretary of Energy; and Ernest J. Moniz, U.S. Secretary of Energy, today announced the establishment of a North American Energy Ministers’ Working Group on Climate Change and Energy. This group expands the North American Energy Ministers Dialogue, which was established by the 2014 North American Leaders Summit, which highlighted that clean and reliable energy supplies can drive economic growth as we shift towards a low-carbon energy future.

The new trilateral Working Group supports implementation of clean energy and climate change goals of each of the three countries, including respective Paris targets.  This announcement took place as ministers met on the margins of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas Ministerial and the Clean Energy Ministerial meetings.

Areas for collaboration include:

  • Reliable, resilient, and low-carbon electricity grids;
  • Modeling and deployment of clean energy technologies, including renewables;
  • Energy efficiency for equipment, appliances, industries, and buildings, including energy management systems;
  • Carbon capture, use, and storage;
  • Climate change adaptation and resilience; and
  • Emissions from the oil and gas sector, including methane and black carbon.

Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources Greg Rickford stated: “Canada is a secure, reliable and responsible producer and supplier of energy to the world, and is firmly committed to a continental approach on energy and the environment.  North America has deeply integrated economies, abundant reserves, shared critical infrastructure and common values that underpin our long, productive history of collaboration. The North American Free Trade Agreement is a good example of the integrated nature of our economy. By cooperating with our North American partners, we are enhancing energy security and the environment while strengthening jobs and the economy.”

Mexico’s Secretary of Energy Pedro Joaquin Coldwell stated: “A sustainable energy future for North America will only be possible through enhanced cooperation to expand the development and deployment of innovative clean technologies, energy efficiency, and renewable integration. Today, jointly with my colleagues from Canada and the United States, we are agreeing upon a path to achieve deep de-carbonization.”

U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz  stated: “Today’s announcement will be absolutely critical in facilitating cooperation to deploy innovative renewable energy technologies, modernize the grid, and increase energy efficiency to combat climate change and reach greenhouse gas targets while growing low-carbon economies in North America. The sense of urgency and spirit of cooperation demonstrated by Canada, Mexico, and the United States serve as an example as the rest of the world takes urgent action on climate.”