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Washington, D.C. -  A new analysis by the independent, non-partisan Energy Information Agency confirms findings by earlier reports from the Congressional Budget Office and the Environmental Protection Agency that the Waxman-Markey energy and climate legislation will cost Americans roughly the same as a postage stamp a day.  The EIA analysis projects an increased cost of about $83 (adjusted for inflation) by 2030 -- or roughly 23 cents a day.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu made the following statement: 

"This new, independent and highly respected analysis confirms the findings of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office and other studies: we can move to a clean energy future at a cost of less than a postage stamp per family per day.  We will get more clean energy from wind, solar, nuclear, clean coal and other sources while reducing our dependence on foreign oil.  The legislation will create millions of jobs that can't be outsourced, and America will be positioned as a global technology leader on clean energy.

"The bottom line is this:  This legislation will create a new set of clean energy incentives that will be good for America - for jobs, for our economy, and for the environment.  We need to seize this opportunity and pass this bill."

The report is available from the Energy Information Administration.