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The work of students at Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) is powering the school -- literally. Students are constructing a testing plant to produce biofuels, which will fuel college vehicles and equipment. CCCC offers a variety of scientific and technical programs with an emphasis on sustainable energy technologies. This month, CCCC is being featured on .EDU connections, a site hosted by Office of Science and Technical Information that spotlights colleges and universities supported by the Department of Energy and highlight their achievements, researchers and students.

.EDUconnections shows how Department of Energy programs are helping advance research and develop a workforce that will make new discoveries in science, engineering, mathematics and many other technical disciplines.

Community colleges are centers of educational opportunity, and welcome anyone who wants to learn -- regardless of background. They play an important role in promoting research and in preparing students to be scientists, researchers and engineers. CCCC is a strong force for educational opportunities, economic progress and cultural enrichment in the communities it serves. CCCC is the first community college in North Carolina to offer a biofuels curriculum, which will help contribute to the growth of the industry by providing cutting-edge training and contributing to small business development.