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Maine’s state motto – “dirigo,” Latin for “I lead,” – is very fitting, especially when it comes to weatherization.

With the help of nearly $41.9 million in funding from the Recovery Act, the state expects to weatherize more than 4,400 homes – creating jobs, reducing carbon emissions, and saving money for Maine’s low-income families.

Cathy Zoi, DOE’s Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and Maine’s Governor John Baldacci spoke on a conference call last week to announce 31,000 homes weatherized in the month of June, and to highlight the state’s weatherization progress.

“Maine has some of the oldest housing in the country, one of the coldest climates, and is more dependent on imported heating oil than any other state, and is well aware of the need to make our housing more energy-efficient,” Governor Baldacci said on the call. “That’s why we, in the state, have taken a leading role in weatherization enhanced by our commitment to weatherize all homes in Maine and half the businesses in Maine by 2030.”

“It’s an important goal because we know conservation is the most effective way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” Governor Baldacci added. “It’s not an easy goal to reach but it’s a good start.”

The Maine Housing Authority is actively advancing Governor Baldacci’s goal. With the Recovery Act funding, they are working to scale-up existing weatherization efforts in the state, develop a weatherization workforce, and make improvements that increase the energy efficiency of homes. Run through Maine’s Community Action Program agencies, the Housing Authority operates the Weatherization and Central Heating Improvement Programs to finance energy-related repairs for low-income homeowners.

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