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Boy Scout Energy Merit Badge

Scouts participating in EIA's Energy Merit Badge class on October 27, 2012. | Video by Kimberly Wade.

As part of Energy Action Month during October, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) sponsored an Energy Merit Badge/Patch class for Boy and Girl Scouts in the Washington, D.C., area on October 27. Energy is one of the rare merit badges, with just 62 badges earned during 2011 by Boy Scouts in the National Capital Area Council. Girl Scouts do not have an Energy Badge, but they can earn an Energy Patch by learning the requirements for the Boy Scout Energy Merit Badge.

More than 200 Scouts earned their badges and patches by learning about how energy is produced, consumed and conserved, which included conducting a 14-day energy audit of their home. The audit included recording how their family used energy and what they did to reduce energy usage during that period.

Check out our video above, and EIA’s gallery.