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This 360-degree virtual tour of the National Ignition Facility gives a behind-the-scenes look at the world's largest laser. | Video by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Getting into a national security lab like Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is no simple task. 

Public access to LLNL is limited for good reason, given that our scientists and engineers are responsible for certifying the safety, security and reliability of the U.S. nuclear deterrent in a post-nuclear-test world.
But we recently pulled the curtains back to give prospective employees a behind the scenes look at what it's like to fire the world's largest laser, and how researchers 3D print rocket motors and living human blood vessels.
We published a pair of 360-degree virtual tours this week of the National Ignition Facility and three of its 3D printing labs, giving you a panoramic look at some of the research capabilities only found here.

This 360-degree virtual tour of 3D-printing labs at LLNL provides a panoramic look at how technology is changing R&D.
The Lab is home to top secret research on some of the fastest supercomputers on Earth, a radiochemist team that has put five new elements on the periodic table and a team of planetary defenders that is preparing the capability to deflect Earthbound asteroids.
Our researchers provided technical guidance to the policy makers who struck the recent Iran Deal, they certify airport security equipment to ensure bad things don't make it onto our planes and they are cyber defenders tasked with thwarting attempts to bring down critical U.S. infrastructure.
Lawrence Livermore’s mind-bending top-secret science makes the world a safer place. And according to Glassdoor and Forbes, employees think it's a great place to work. If you’re interested in joining our team, take a look at our job openings. If top secret research isn’t your thing, you’ll always have these 360-degree videos. 
Editor's note: This blog was provided by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, one of the Energy Department’s 17 National Labs. At the time of publication, there were 235 job openings at LLNL.