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How Energy Efficiency is Adding Jobs in St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman explains how grant money created jobs.

The city of St. Paul, Minnesota, and local produce distribution company, J&J Distributing, are taking a no-nonsense approach to cutting waste, saving energy and creating jobs in the Twin Cities. As part of the city’s $1.3 million Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant, J&J Distributing has upgraded its interior lighting system and replaced 44 rooftop refrigeration units with three energy efficient climate control systems.

The distribution center is located in an area of St. Paul that has been a focus of economic development and where good jobs are needed.

“They’ll be able to save $175,000 a year in energy costs”, says St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman. “They’ll be able to expand their operation which will create another 150 jobs at their facility. And it really helps us as a city reaching our goals of being an energy efficient and sustainable community.”