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Recently, Secretary Chu asked me to kick off a new process at the Department of Energy: a Quadrennial Technology Review (DOE-QTR).

The goal of the DOE-QTR is to establish a context and robust framework for the Department’s energy technology activities, including principles we can use to establish multi-year program plans. It will also offer high-level views of the technical status and potential of various energy technologies. Multi-year program plans would allow us to provide the consistent, predictable support necessary for the success of our research, development and demonstration activities. Such plans are especially prudent in the energy industry, where infrastructure investments must be relevant for decades.

The DOE-QTR is inspired by the Quadrennial Defense Review and similar reviews in other agencies, and was recommended by the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.
In mid-March, the DOE-QTR team published a Framing Document  to start the conversation on the DOE-QTR. I hope you’ll join our effort by providing comments on this document and the DOE-QTR process, including input on key questions.  You can send your comments to DOE-QTR at until April 15.
To get the dialogue started, I shot a series of short videos describing some of the questions we’re addressing in the DOE-QTR. The introductory video is posted above, and the rest are available on the project’s website.
I look forward to hearing from you. Together, we can make the Department more effective in advancing America’s leadership in clean energy technologies and addressing the country’s energy security and environmental challenges.