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EIA Beta Demo

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is launching a beta website that encourages the public, researchers, analysts and others to test and comment on the agency’s latest product enhancements, and review other users’ comments. This approach allows EIA to “crowd test” innovations before they are introduced on the agency’s official website.

The first features you can test on the beta site allow you to easily create graphics that show and compare energy data collected by the agency. Both the novice and expert can create graphics showing energy trends in petroleum, natural gas and electricity data, such as:

To get started, watch a short video to see how the beta website works and what you can do there. 

Projects published on beta are not final and may not include up-to-date data. The beta site is for public testing and commenting only.

EIA will use the feedback it receives to further improve its website to work better for customers, so check back often to see what new features are in the works!