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Did you know that right now, across the globe, particle beams from some 30,000 accelerators are at work doing everything from diagnosing and treating disease to powering industrial processes?

Me neither. Thankfully, the Office of High Energy Physics in the Office of Science has released a full report about how accelerators are shaping America’s future.

The Z Accelerator from Sandia National Lab

Find out more by downloading the full report here.

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The Zephyr aircraft landed after an unprecedented 14 days in flight. As if that isn’t impressive enough, the drone is unmanned and solar-powered; running on power delivered by amorphous silicon solar arrays -- no thicker than pieces of paper -- by day and lithium-sulphur batteries by night. See how solar helped the Zephyr soar >

Liz Meckes is a New Media Specialist with the Office of Public Affairs at the Department of Energy