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WASHINGTON DC - Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman today unveiled a comprehensive national campaign to highlight how American families, businesses and the federal government can save energy in response to rising winter energy costs. 

Secretary Bodman was joined in announcing this effort by Kateri Callahan, President of The Alliance to Save Energy. 

"As a result of tight oil and gas markets, and the damage done by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, it's likely that consumers will see an increase in their heating bills this winter," Secretary Bodman said.  "Our entire administration, from the President on down, is concerned about the impact of high home heating prices on American families.  This effort will provide consumers, industry and federal agencies with a variety of energy saving ideas, which if done properly, can yield significant savings." 

Secretary Bodman and top leadership of the Department of Energy (DOE) will travel the country over the next several months to discuss how American families can save money and energy this winter.

For easy energy saving tips consumers can visit

Fact Sheet - Easy Ways To Save Energy

  • President Bush has called on all Americans to conserve and be more energy efficient in light of expected high energy prices this winter due to increasing energy demand and energy infrastructure damage from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. 
  •  Energy efficiency and conservation are key components of the Department of Energy's mission. And in conjunction with Energy Awareness Month, Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman is answering President Bush's call by launching a comprehensive, national campaign to educate American families, businesses and government agencies about "Easy Ways to Save Energy" that will help them save money, too.   

For Consumers:

  • "Energy $avers" Guide:  This informative guide outlining easy ways to be more energy efficient and save money is available through, the Department of Energy and our partners.  The guide is also available in Spanish. 
  •  Radio Public Service Announcements:  The Department of Energy is releasing three radio public service announcements in English and Spanish that provide easy tips for saving energy.  These public services announcements will be distributed to nearly 4,500 radio stations across the country by the Alliance to Save Energy.
  • The Energy Hog Program:  As part of the education effort, Secretary Bodman announced an aggressive campaign, beginning in January, 2006 starring DOE's "Energy Hog." Energy Hog ads will be placed in  magazines, regional newspapers, on billboards, bus signs, bus stop signs and taxi tents.
  • Getting Kids Involved:  The Energy Hog campaign includes web-based educational games, web banner ads, a school curriculum for grades 3-8 as well as radio and television ads.  The Home Depot, the Alliance to Save Energy, the Ad Council, the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, 18 State Energy Offices and New Jersey Natural Gas  and have partnered with the Department of Energy on this effort.

For American Business:

  • Energy Saving Teams:  To help improve the efficiency of 200 of America's most energy-intensive factories by 10%, the Department of Energy will send teams of energy efficiency experts these facilities.  Through this effort, the Department hopes to create momentum to significantly improve energy practices throughout the industry.
  • Partnerships with DOE:  To expand the availability of the Energy $avers guide and include manufacturers, retailers and utilities in this education effort, the Department of Energy is making the guide available to be reprinted and distributed by manufacturers, retailers and local utilities.

For Government Agencies:

  • Energy Saving Teams:  In response to President Bush's call for federal agencies to save energy, Secretary Bodman has directed teams of qualified energy experts to deploy to federal facilities to identify quick and easy ways to save energy this winter.  The federal government is the largest consumer of energy in the United States. 

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