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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The United States Department of Energy today announced the selection of CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC as the contractor responsible for the Idaho Cleanup Project through the year 2012 at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). 

“We are pleased to announce this selection to ensure a seamless transition and continued excellence in our cleanup effort,” Secretary Samuel W. Bodman said.   “The Idaho Cleanup Project is a very complex and technically challenging project requiring significant skill and expertise.  By awarding this contract, we are one step closer to achieving the vision laid out by Idaho’s 2012 plan.”

The contract, which runs through September 20, 2012, is valued at about $2.9 billion and was selected as a result of competition to determine the best value for the taxpayer.   The contract specifically states that over 2,600 employees currently employed in the cleanup effort will be offered employment by CH2M-WGI. 

Under the contract announced today, CH2M-WGI will be responsible for treatment and disposal of radioactive waste; retrieval, disposal and other remediation related to buried waste; safe management of spent nuclear fuel; disposition of nuclear materials; disposition of reactor and non-reactor nuclear facilities; and other environmental remediation activities.   CH2M-WGI is expected to work closely with the public, regulators and other contractors working at the Idaho Site to ensure success of the cleanup. 

The CH2M-WGI team will immediately begin transitioning into its new role and take over management of the cleanup work on May 1, 2005.

Media contact:  Mike Waldron, 202/586-4940