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Services Will Guide R&D on Next Generation Reactor

WASHINGTON, DC. - In an important step forward for the Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP) project, the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory today issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for engineering services in support of development of NGNP.  This RFP is for pre-conceptual engineering and design services to assist in focusing the technical scope and principles of research and development on the next generation reactor, and to provide a basis for subsequent development of the technical and functional specifications for the prototype facilities.

"Having industry involvement in NGNP is critical to success of the program because industry will be the ultimate customer for the next generation of reactors," DOE Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy Dennis Spurgeon said.  "Their involvement will help establish the appropriate agenda for reactor research and development within our national laboratories."

The NGNP concept is a gas-cooled nuclear system with the capability to produce very high temperature process heat, electricity, and hydrogen.  This very high temperature nuclear system is supported by research and development activities within the DOE's Generation IV nuclear energy systems initiative.

The RFP has been provided to selected candidate companies and/or groups of companies that have been determined to have the potential to provide the necessary technical and management capabilities for this important work.  Candidates receiving RFP invitations were identified from Expressions of Interest submitted in mid-July.  The candidate companies receiving the RFP are AREVA NP, Bechtel, Burns and Roe Enterprises, General Atomics, MPR Associates and Westinghouse Electric Company.  Written proposals are due by August 21, 2006, and the requested pre-conceptual design work is anticipated to be completed by May 2007.

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