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WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman today announced that DOE will provide $610,000 (Fiscal Year 2007) to support the National Governors Association's (NGA) work to enact meaningful energy policies at the state level, furthering the Department's ongoing commitment to increase state and federal cooperation and collaboration.  DOE will invest $550,000 in NGA's Securing a Clean Energy Future Initiative and; $60,000 in support of NGA's critical efforts to increase electricity assurance.  Secretary Bodman made today's announcement alongside Minnesota Governor and NGA Chair Tim Pawlenty, and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, who serve as Co-Chairs of NGA's Energy Task Force.

"The Bush Administration shares the NGA's sense of urgency about increasing our nation's energy security, and we are eager to jointly advance bold energy policies at the state level," Secretary Bodman said.  "States provide the necessary and critical link to ensuring clean, reliable and affordable supplies of energy and the Energy Department challenges local governments to take similar action."

In support of NGA's Securing a Clean Energy Future Initiative, DOE will invest $550,000 to further efforts to increase the use of clean renewable fuels and accelerate development of clean energy technologies.  Specifically, DOE funding will help bring together governors and senior-level policymakers at national energy summits, provide technical support for development of state energy policy, offer guidance to states on how to leverage their research and development investments in advanced energy technologies, and advise states on using public assets and procurement policies to foster the use of advanced energy technologies in the private sector.  The remaining $60,000 will be utilized to further critical efforts to increase States' resiliency to electricity supply disruptions.  This includes conducting forums and workshops on energy assurance and advising states on securing critical energy infrastructure.  DOE's Offices of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, along with the Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability, are coordinating efforts and contributing funds under NGA's Securing a Clean Energy Future Initiative.

Secretary Bodman also challenged states to adopt advanced national model building codes, align utility incentives with investments in energy efficiency, encourage regional electricity infrastructure coordination, support the expansion of renewable fuel infrastructure and use of intermediate ethanol blends, and increase the use of clean, renewable resources at the state level.  Secretary Bodman pledged the Department's technical expertise to assist in this important effort.

NGA's Securing a Clean Energy Future will promote comprehensive clean energy policies at the state level that use existing energy resources more wisely through efficiency; promote non-petroleum based fuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, take reasonable steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and accelerate the research and development of advanced, clean energy technologies.  Read more information on DOE's work with NGA  Securing a Clean Energy Future also complements two of President Bush's key energy initiatives, the Advanced Energy Initiative and Twenty in Ten, which aim to increase our nation's energy and economic security through diversification of clean energy sources and increased efficiency.

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