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Co-Chairs U.S. - Russia Energy Working Group on First Stop on Three Nation Swing

MOSCOW, Russia - U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Clay Sell today participated in the U.S. - Russia Energy Working Group with Russian co-chair Ivan Materov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy, to discuss key energy cooperation between the nations.  Deputy Secretary Sell is in Russia until Wednesday on the first stop of his three-nation swing, which will also take him to Ukraine and Georgia, to promote global energy security and nuclear non-proliferation.  While in Russia, Deputy Secretary Sell is meeting with senior Russian officials and leaders of world energy companies and, on Wednesday, will deliver remarks on global perspectives on energy at the Carnegie Moscow Center.  In addition, Deputy Secretary Sell is discussing the importance of promoting policies to ensure stable energy markets and a transparent global investment climate, and continued cooperation in combating nuclear terrorism.

"As international energy partners, the United States and Russia have a global obligation to advance global energy security and nuclear non-proliferation," Deputy Secretary Sell said.  "With the world's appetite for energy increasing, we must continue to work together to embrace technology and investment, diversify our energy sources, and promote practices that increase transparency and predictability in the global energy market."

During the Energy Working Group, the two countries discussed advancements in energy efficiency programs and critical infrastructure investments that promote economic growth.  The two parties also discussed the importance of a continued focus on energy information exchange and on utilizing technologies that will lead to greater energy efficiency.

Deputy Secretary Sell also met this morning with Viktor Khristenko, Russia's Minister of Industry and Energy, where he highlighted the importance of G8 global energy principles in advancing energy security.  Deputy Secretary Sell discussed the continued need for open and competitive markets for energy production, enhancing energy efficiency and energy saving measures, and improving the investment climate in the energy sector.

Earlier today, Deputy Secretary Sell met with the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia and leaders of world energy companies where they discussed short and long term goals and objectives to increase investment in energy resources. Deputy Secretary Sell highlighted the importance of promoting reliability, diversity, efficiency, and transparency in meeting long term energy commitments and advancing global energy security.

During his visit to Russia, Deputy Secretary Sell is expected to meet with Rosatom Director Sergei Kiriyenko where they will discuss the U.S. - Russia Civil Nuclear Energy Working Group and the recently completed report on The Bratislava Nuclear Security Initiatives to Presidents Bush and Putin.   Deputy Secretary Sell is expected to address the importance of U.S. - Russia nuclear non-proliferation cooperation through the Bratislava Nuclear Security Initiative and Global Nuclear Energy Partnership.

On Wednesday, Deputy Secretary Sell will deliver remarks at the Carnegie Moscow Center where he will highlight U.S. - Russia cooperation to advance global energy security and nuclear non-proliferation.  The Center, which was established by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, accommodates foreign and Russian researchers on a broad range of policy issues, including energy development and non-proliferation.

The Deputy Secretary's visit to Moscow is the first stop on a trip that will also take him to Kiev, Ukraine, and Tbilisi, Georgia.  In the other two countries, he will meet with senior officials on a variety of energy security issues, including the development of greater diversity of energy supplies and suppliers, expansion of regional cooperation, and promotion of market transparency and investment.

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