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WASHINGTON, DC - Today, the U.S. Department of Energy announced it had issued subpoenas to three companies who were identified as selling certain torchiere lamps that failed to meet federal energy efficiency standards.  Under the subpoenas, Target Corporation, Adesso, Inc. and Habitex Corporation are required to submit detailed information about the design of these products and how the companies marketed and sold them in the U.S.

These investigations are part of the ongoing efforts at the Department of Energy and across the Obama Administration to strengthen and enforce federal energy efficiency standards that will save money for consumers and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the country. More information about efforts to expand testing and enforcement - both for compliance with minimum appliance efficiency standards as well as for the separate ENERGY STAR® program - is available in the New Steps to Strengthen ENERGY STAR® press release.

"As part of our expanded energy efficiency enforcement efforts, the Department of Energy will continue to open investigations whenever we have credible information that products are violating federal conservation standards," said DOE General Counsel Scott Blake Harris.  "We are looking forward to receiving the data from these companies and are not prejudging the merits of this particular case."

A torchiere is a type of electric floor lamp that includes a reflector bowl that directs light upwards rather than downwards.  Both Target and Adesso privately label torchieres manufactured by Habitex and sell them to consumers under their own brand names.  The companies have 30 days to respond to the subpoena and based on the information they provide, DOE will determine whether these products violate the energy conservation standards for torchiere lamps.  Under DOE's energy efficiency standards, torchieres must not be capable of operating with light bulbs that total more than 190 watts.


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