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Washington, DC – Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman released the following statement today regarding Senate approval of ANWR provisions in the budget resolution:  

“The Senate’s vote today to clear the way for environmentally responsible oil and gas exploration in a small portion of ANWR is a victory for American consumers, America’s economy and America’s energy security. 

“Alaska’s frozen tundra has the potential to yield billions of barrels of domestically produced oil. Not only could these resources have a meaningful impact on our dependence on imported sources of oil; this means American jobs producing American oil for Americans. 

“To be clear, though, additional exploration for oil and gas exploration in Alaska is only one of many steps that President Bush laid out in a comprehensive energy plan to address America’s growing energy challenges. The President’s National Energy Policy will improve conservation and efficiency, diversify our energy supplies to include more renewable sources such as hydrogen and biomass, increase domestic production and modernize our energy infrastructure. 

“Since President Bush put forth his strategy to improve America’s energy security four years ago, Congress has failed to pass comprehensive energy legislation. The American people have waited long enough and it’s time for Congress to act.” 

Media contact:  Mike Waldron, 202/586-4940