ARPA-E Announces Start-up Companies, Strategic Partnerships and Private Sector Funding at 2015 Innovation Summit

Summit Highlights Technical and Market Traction of Transformational Energy Technologies

WASHINGTON – The Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) today highlighted that many of its innovative projects are making significant technical and commercial progress towards ensuring America’s economic and energy security. At the start of the sixth annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, the Agency emphasized that their projects are continuing to form new companies, strategic partnerships, and secure private sector funding to help move ARPA-E technologies closer to the market and provide options to transform the U.S. and global energy landscape. 

At least 30 ARPA-E project teams have formed new companies to advance their technologies and more than 37 ARPA-E projects have partnered with other government agencies for further development. Additionally, 34 ARPA-E projects have attracted more than $850 million in private-sector follow-on funding after ARPA-E’s investment of approximately $135 million and several technologies have already been incorporated into products that are being sold in the market. To date, ARPA-E has invested approximately $1.1 billion across more than 400 projects through 23 focused programs and two open funding solicitations (OPEN 2009 and OPEN 2012).

“As ARPA-E approaches its sixth anniversary, it is exciting that our projects are demonstrating tangible technical and market progress that will provide America with new technology options  to generate, store, and use energy,” said ARPA-E Director Dr. Ellen Williams. “The ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit affords teams the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments and collaborate with other energy innovators and investors to advance their projects, secure follow-on funding, form start-up companies and cultivate strategic partnerships to move technologies toward the marketplace.”

The full list of ARPA-E projects that have formed start-up companies, fostered public partnerships and secured follow-on private-sector funding is available here.

The Agency will release three videos at this year’s ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit that highlight the achievements of several ARPA-E projects as well as the Agency’s unique Technology to Market program. The new videos feature project teams from AutoGrid, Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc., Ambri, Inc., BlackPak, Inc., Baldor Electric Company and EaglePicher Technologies, LLC. The videos are available on ARPA-E’s YouTube channel.

The ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit brings together more than 2,000 leaders from academic, business and government to discuss cutting-edge energy issues, share knowledge, network and cultivate relationships that can help advance innovative energy technologies into the marketplace. Keynote speeches and panel presentations span the course of three days and range from high-level policy overviews to focused discussions on developing and deploying specific technologies. Information on the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit is available here:


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