The Department of Energy’s AI Risk Management Playbook (AI RMP) is a comprehensive reference guide for AI risk identification and recommended mitigations (actionable pathways) to support responsible and trustworthy (R&T) AI use and development. Although AI RMP is not a binding document, it does encompass some of the most common AI risks and steps that AI leaders, practitioners, and procurement teams can take for proactive risk management. Use AI RMP to:

  • Educate and upskill the workforce on AI risk management to further organizational resiliency
  • Accelerate prevention planning by integrating AI RMP risks and recommended mitigations into procurement and project life cycles including edge AI
  • Augment risk management methodologies with integrated ethical and equity AI governance and suggested practices
  • Inform AI risk assessment development and implementation planning
  • Generate customized checklists that contain specific risks and recommended mitigations
  • Describe the necessity of R&T AI to advance mission imperatives


Thank you to all involved in this iteration of the AI RMP including the consultation with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), industry, academia, and other agencies.

How to use the AI Risk Management Playbook

Simply navigate to the “Search” box or use the available filters to focus on the risks that are of interest to you or applicable to your use case. You will find that the risks are segmented by several dimensions for simplification and convenience.

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