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We often talk with experts about how energy works on Earth. But what if they could use their knowledge to discuss how energy works in a galaxy far far away? Star Wars fans, this one’s for you.

How much energy would it take to run a Death Star? What type of energy source could power a lightsaber? Experts from the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories are here to answer these questions and more about energy in the Star Wars films. Have a question of your own? Ask on social media using #StarWarsEnergy, or send us an email at

[Yoda voice]Answer your questions, these experts will. Hmm.[/Yoda voice]:

Here’s how you can join in!

  • What: The Energy of Star Wars: A Google+ Hangout
  • When: Friday, June 12, 2015, at 2 p.m. ET
  • Where: Watch at or on our Google+ page
  • Engage: Ask questions now and during the Hangout on social media using #StarWarsEnergy

Don’t forget to send us your questions using #StarWarsEnergy. See you on Friday!

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Served as a Digital Content Specialist in the Office of Public Affairs.Served as a Digital Content Specialist in the Office of Public Affairs.
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