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U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Energy Investment Center

U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Energy Investment Center

At a time of unprecedented opportunity and competition for leadership in the multi-trillion dollar global new energy market of the future, investment in the U.S. clean and alternative energy market has stalled.  A common refrain among investors is that a lack of information about emerging technologies inhibits further investment.  The U.S. Department of Energy is the largest funder in the world of early-stage, high-potential emerging energy technologies, and creating a single point of access to DOE for  investor resources is crucial to help unlock the potential economic benefits and job creation of leadership in this new energy marketplace.

The Clean Energy Investment Center (CEIC) was launched by the DOE in 2016 to assist and support investors and businesses alike by providing a one-stop-shop to get connected with world-leading energy experts, acquire the latest research studies and reports, identify promising funding opportunities and promising energy products. The CEIC builds bridges to the private sector to facilitate the public-private partnerships needed to unshackle domestic innovation and assert U.S. leadership in the global energy technology race and marketplace that is fast-developing around the world.

Financing and partnerships are crucial components for the acceleration and commercialization of emerging new energy technologies, and that is why we welcome engagement with any interested collaborators. The CEIC works with investors representing family offices, private equity, venture capital, strategic corporates, foundations, institutional investors and more. Investors of all stripes can meet their financial objectives while playing an important role in boosting the competitiveness of the United States in the new energy economy and expanding global deployment of new and game-changing energy technologies.

Clean Energy Investment Center Offerings:

  • Laboratory-Investor Knowledge Series (LINKS): CEIC coordinates meetings across the country and connects DOE National Laboratories and technology program managers with investors to discuss partnership opportunities.
  • Laboratory Partnering Service (LPS): LPS is as an online platform that enables access to world-leading energy experts within the DOE national laboratory network.
  • Project Data Initiative: CEIC will soon offer a library of standardized information on individual DOE project awardees to facilitate access to the DOE portfolio of investable clean energy opportunities.
  • Innovation Interface (I2): I2 seminars are a forum for information exchange between investors and DOE program managers.
  • Technical Assistance: CEIC produces original reports, and shares research and analysis produced by DOE and its National Laboratories on relevant developments in energy technology.