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Environmental Cleanup

March 27, 2009
U.S. and Portugal Sign Agreement for Climate Research Collaboration

WASHINGTON, DC - The United States signed an agreement with Portugal today to launch the installation of a portable climate observatory on Graciosa Island in the Azores. 

The mobile observatory will obtain measurements of cloud and aerosol properties from the island's marine environment for 20 months, beginning in May.  The measurements are expected to greatly enhance scientific understanding of the microscopic processes that occur in low-level marine clouds, and will be used to test and improve climate models.

July 1, 2011
DOE Completes Cleanup at New York, California Sites

Recovery Act funds accelerate cleanup; support job creation and footprint reduction

May 12, 2011
DOE Surpasses Cleanup Target Ahead of Schedule

Recovery Act Investment Saves Money, Trains Workers, Creates Jobs

March 18, 2011
JOINT EPA/DOE STATEMENT: Radiation Monitors Confirm That No Radiation Levels of Concern Have Reached the United States

WASHINGTON - The United States Government has an extensive network of radiation monitors around the country and no radiation levels of concern have been detected. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency RadNet system is designed to protect the public by notifying scientists, in near real time, of elevated levels of radiation so they can determine whether protective action is required. The EPA's system has not detected any radiation levels of concern.

August 26, 2010
Butte College's solar panels are helping it make more energy than it uses, providing it financial as well environmental benefits. | Photo courtesy of Butte College |
College Fights Energy Rate Hikes with 'Grid Positive' Plan

Find out how a community college in California is stabilizing their budget by becoming "grid-positive" (selling energy back to the state) by installing an array of solar panels, covering walkways and carports across its campus.

April 20, 2011
Earth Day, Every Day

How does Department of Energy celebrate Earth Day?