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August 1, 2014
EIS-0288-S1: Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Production of Tritium in a Commercial Light Water Reactor

June 13, 2014
What in the world is happening in this photo?

The person pictured here is an Oak Ridge National Laboratory technician, making adjustments to a particle accelerator, part of the Holifield Heavy Ion Research Facility (HHIRF) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This photo was taken in January 1987.

HHIRF’s last experimental run was in 1992, but during its decade of operation, it set the stage for a wide range of scientific research experiments at Oak Ridge National Lab. By accelerating intense beams of light ions to strike a target, the facility creates short-lived, radioactive nuclei that are used for astrophysics research. Fun fact: The nuclei exist for just about one-billionth of a second. | Photo courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Photo of the Week: We Mustache You a Question

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May 6, 2014
CX: Categorical Determination-Alcoa Tennessee Automotive Sheet Expansion Project

Categorical Determination
Alcoa Tennessee Automotive Sheet Expansion Project
CX(s) Applied: B1.31
Date: 05/06/2014
Location(s): Alcoa, Tennessee
Offices(s): Loan Programs Office

May 1, 2014
Tennessee: Bringing Jobs and Economic Development to Piney Flats

By tooling up a manufacturing line in Tennessee, where jobs are created, Diversified Power International, LLC is able to manufacture its product in the United States instead of Taiwan.

April 30, 2014

The Team Cumberland Meeting was held at the Nashville Electric Service, Nashville, Tennessee on April 30, 2014.

April 3, 2014
Slideshow: Building a Better Future One Robot at a Time

High school students are incorporating cutting-edge manufacturing techniques into robots, while pushing the boundaries of research forward.

February 6, 2014
The Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management's new website, above, features more news and resources for stakeholders, residents and media.
EM's Oak Ridge Office Launches New Website

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. –The Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management (OREM) is beginning 2014 with a new, user-friendly website,

February 6, 2014
In this 1972 photo, two scientists worked in improved supplied-air suits, which protected workers from toxic environments and protected controlled atmospheric areas from exposure to human emissions. The suits were developed at the Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant in Tennessee. | Photo courtesy of the Energy Department.
Photo of the Week: Air Supply

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January 31, 2014
Washington, D.C. and Tennessee: Bioenergy Technologies Office Announces Launch of New and Improved KDF

The relaunched Bioenergy KDF supports the development of a sustainable bioenergy industry by providing unique value for researchers, private industry, policymakers, and the public.

January 24, 2014
Tennessee: Oak Ridge National Laboratory Optimizes Carbon Fiber Production, Reduces Carbon Fiber Costs by 30%

ORNL is working to combat the high costs of hydrogen storage tanks with two new strategies.