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October 12, 2016

Team Cumberland Meeting was held on October 12, 2016 in Franklin, Tennessee

June 28, 2016
Corps of Engineers, SEPA, TVA, and TVPPA sign memorandum of agreement

Corps of Engineers, SEPA, TVA, and TVPPA sign memorandum of agreement

June 23, 2016
Plasma oxidation oven. Photo Courtesy: RMX Technologies
EERE Success Story—Plasma Oxidation of Carbon Fiber Precursor

With the potential to reduce the weight of vehicle components by up to 60%, carbon fiber composites is one of the most promising lightweight materials available to improve vehicle efficiency. However, its current inputs and manufacturing processes are expensive, severely limiting its use in most high-volume vehicle models.

June 1, 2016
A liquid flashing product invented by Dow and evaluated at Oak Ridge National Laboratory can be brushed or sprayed on surfaces to seal gaps, cracks, and seams and improve a building’s energy efficiency. Photo courtesy of Dow.
EERE Success Story—Dow Partners with ORNL to Commercialize Advanced Energy-Saving Sealant for Buildings

A liquid sealant developed by Dow Chemical, and evaluated at DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, was recognized recently for its superior sealant qualities and performance. LIQUIDARMOR, marketed by Dow, won the 2016 Gold Edison Award for Building Construction & Lighting. The Edison Awards honor the best in innovation and excellence in the development of new products and services.

April 28, 2016
CX-014746: Categorical Exclusion Determination

NEPA 4752, Depleted Uranium Technology Testing for the Uranium Processing Facility
CX(s) Applied: B3.6
Date: 04/28/2016
Location(s): Tennessee
Offices(s): Y-12 Site Office

April 4, 2016
CX-014731: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Agent Operations Eastern Command Drivers Training Course and Other West Side Development (CX-ORR-16-004)
CX(s) Applied: B1.2, B1.3, B1.13, B1.15
Date: 04/04/2016
Location(s): Tennessee
Offices(s): Oak Ridge Office

March 14, 2016
EERE Success Story - Novel Engine Lubrication Anti-Wear Additives Demonstrate Improved Fuel Economy

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has been working with General Motors, Lubrizol, and Shell to develop new additives for lubricants that could boost fuel economy by 2% compared to commercially available synthetic oils. These ionic lubricant additives – organic salts that are liquids at ambient temperatures – may also be able to improve durability in addition to vehicle fuel economy. Once commercialized, this technology could be used immediately by drivers to improve fuel economy in their existing cars without needing to purchase a new vehicle.

March 8, 2016
CX-014620: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Demolition of Buildings 6025, 7001, 7002, 7019, 7040, and 7751 at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
CX(s) Applied: B1.23
Date: 03/08/2016
Location(s): Tennessee
Offices(s): Oak Ridge Office

February 29, 2016
2017 Amerind/NAIHC National Conference & Trade Fair

The National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC) is hosting a two-day workshop to give attendees the opportunity to explore new strategies for addressing a variety of challenges related to workplace safety, claims, housing management, human resources, and much more.

February 25, 2016
CX-100512 Categorical Exclusion Determination

Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation
Award Number: DE-EE0006926
CX(s) Applied: A9, A11, B1.31, B3.6
Advanced Manufacturing Office
Date: 02/25/2016
Location(s): TN
Office(s): Golden Field Office