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September 24, 2012
EA-1942: Notice of Intent of to Prepare an Environmental Assessment

Cove Point Liquefaction Project, Lusby, MD

August 20, 2012
Diversity and Inclusion Related Documents

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion fosters a diverse and inclusive work environment that ensures equality of opportunity for applicants and employees through Departmental diversity policy development, workforce analysis, outreach, retention, and education. 

August 16, 2012
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration

Today, Dr. King is memorialized on the National Mall where he once spoke, a symbol of how far our Nation has come and a testament to the quiet heroes whose names may never appear in history books, but whose selflessness brought about change few thought possible.  Dr. King's memorial reminds us that while the work of realizing his remarkable dream is unending, with persistence, progress is within our reach.

June 19, 2012
Large nuclear material processing tanks, like the one destined for Savannah River Site's (SRS) Salt Waste Processing Facility, will be managed with the support of qualified small businesses.
Seven Small Businesses Awarded Contracts by the Office of Environmental Management

Today the Energy Department announced contract awards to seven small-disadvantaged businesses to perform critical technical services. The contracts, awarded by the Office of Environmental Management, speak to the importance of our nation's small business support to the mission of the Department.

May 22, 2012
Small Business Award Winners - FY 2011

Each year, the Energy Department celebrates small business advocates who have advanced the role of small businesses in our contracting. The Fiscal Year 2011 Small Business Awards recognize small businesses, program managers, and other partners who have gone above and beyond expectations, demonstrating exceptional performance and creativity towards helping the Department achieve its goals. 

Download the full list of award winners here.

May 5, 2012
Secretary Steven Chu's Remarks as Prepared for Delivery to the DOE Tribal Summit

Secretary Steven Chu spoke to the DOE Tribal Summit about the creation of the Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs.

April 30, 2012
Asian American Government Executives Network Leadership Training Conference

Learning opportunities for senior executives to share their experience, insight, and expertise on managing their professional careers and preparing for your future in the public service. For people entering the job market, changing their career path, or thinking of starting a government career.

April 30, 2012
Regional Small Business Summit Material

Instead of holding a single national conference, we're spreading out across the country, partnering with our National Laboratories and field sites to bring Regional Small Business Summits to you. These Small Business Summits will bring small business owners and Departmental small business advocates together to talk about the best ways we can be partnering with you - the small business community. 

April 24, 2012
Lab Breakthrough: Record-Setting Cavities

Jefferson Lab fabricated a highly efficient niobium cavity for superconducting radio frequency accelerators, which could lead to nuclear power that produces no waste.

January 19, 2012
CX-007567: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Cost of Energy Reduction for Offshore Tension Leg Platform (TLP) Wind Turbine Systems Through Advanced Control Strategies for Energy Yield Improvement, Load Mitigation and Stabilization
CX(s) Applied: A9
Date: 01/19/2012
Location(s): Virginia
Offices(s): Golden Field Office