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Energy 101 | Algae-to-Fuel

A behind-the-scenes video of how oil from algae is extracted and refined to create clean, renewable transportation fuel.

Oregon Hospital Heats Up with a Biomass Boiler
Using money from the Recovery Act, Blue Mountain Hospital replaced one of its 1950s crude oil boilers with a wood-pellet boiler -- saving the hospital about $100,000 a year in heating costs. | Photo courtesy of the Oregon Department of Energy.

Highlighting how a rural Oregon hospital was able to cut its heating bills while stimulating the local economy.

Ceres: Making Biofuels Bigger and Better
A Ceres researcher evaluates the performance of biofuel crops. | Photo courtesy of Ceres, Inc.

Research into energy crops and advanced biofuels, like one particular project funded by ARPA-E, contributes to U.S. energy independence, creates jobs, and directly applies to increasing food crops production.

Photo of the Week: Biomass Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Scientists and engineers at the Energy Department and its national laboratories are finding new, more efficient ways to convert biomass into biofuels that can take the place of conventional fuels like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. At Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Environmental Science Division, graduate students and researchers use transplanted trees in a number of studies, including those involving biomass conversion to biofuels. In this photo, graduate student Alina Campbell is removing damaged leaves from Eastern Cottonwood trees, which helps stimulate the trees' growth.| Photo courtesy of Jason Richards.

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