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Water Management Act (Massachusetts)

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Environmental Regulations
Department of Environmental Protection

This Act regulates and registers water withdrawals in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to enable effective planning and management of water use and conservation. The Act establishes a Water Resources Management Advisory Committee within the MA Department of Environmental Protection to oversee the development of standards, rules and regulations for water resources management. The DEP, after consultation with the advisory committee and with the approval of the commission, shall adopt such regulations as it deems necessary for the purposes of this chapter, establishing a mechanism for managing ground and surface water in the commonwealth as a single hydrological system and ensuring, where necessary, a balance among competing water withdrawals and uses. Additionally, this Act requires certificates to be obtained prior to any well drilling activity. These regulations can be found in the Water Management Policy: Regulations regarding this Act, which comprise the Water Resources Management Program, can be found in 310 CMR 36.00, 313 CMR 2.00, 4.00, and 5.00.