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SRP - PowerWise Business Solutions Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Maximum Rebate 

The total program-year rebate cap is $300,000 in all SRP commercial rebate programs and $200,000 per individual program

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Lighting: 300 per kW of reduced installed demand
Small Business Lighting: Up to 75% of installation costs
Occupancy Sensors: 40 per unit
HVAC: 50 - 100 per ton, depending on efficiency of the installed unit
VFDs: 55 per hp on controlled HVAC fan and pump motors
Refrigeration Measures: Varies widely by application
ECM Motors (Refrigeration): 0.50 per watt
ECM Motors (HVAC): 50 per HP
Evaporator Fan Controller: 25
Low Pressure Drop Filter: 0.80 per SCFM
Zero Loss Condensate Drains: 90 per unit
VFD Compressor: 90 per HP
Refrigerated Cycling Dryer: 1.50 per SCFM
Custom: 0.11 per kWh for the estimated first year electrical savings
Technical Assessment: 50% of cost; up to $15,000
New Construction Equipment: 0.08 to 0.16 per kWh
New Construction Design Team: up to 12,000
Retrocommisioning: 50,000 per approved project


SRPBusiness Solutions is a program designed to help SRP business customers manage energy usage and increase the energy efficiency of participating facilities. Within this program there are several different programs that offer rebates for lighting, heating and cooling, ECM motors, compressed air systems, custom projects, large business energy assessments and equipment upgrades, new construction and retrocommissioning of existing major mechanical and electrical systems.

The SRP PowerWise™ Standard Business Solutions rebate program offers rebates for the installation of high-efficiency lighting, occupancy sensors, chillers, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, programmable thermostats, variable frequency drives (VFDs) refrigeration equipment and compressed-air equipment for systems of 100 hp or less. Eligible measures can apply to retrofit or new construction projects installed at customer facilities on an SRP retail electric commercial price plan. All lighting measures requirement written preapproval from SRP.

The SRP Small Business Solutions rebate program offers small business and commercial customers a free walk-through audit or their lighting system and discounts of up to 75% on the purchase and installation of new equipment. In order to be eligible, the customer must use 145,000 kWh or less of energy a year. Customers who do not qualify are still eligible for lighting rebates through the Standard rebate program. Please call (602) 236-3054 to verify eligibility.

The SRP PowerWise™ Custom Business Solutions rebate program is for business and commercial customers to install cost-effective energy efficiency measures not addressed in the other rebate programs. Eligible measures must be pre-approved and installed at customer facilities on an SRP retail electric commercial price plan. Customers served by an E-60 series price plan, have a compressed-air system of at least 100 hp (excluding backup) or have a pumping system of at least 25 hp (excluding backup) are also eligible for assessments.

The SRP PowerWise™ New Construction program is designed to help architects, engineering professionals and building owners optimize energy savings within commercial new construction projects. To participate, facilities must exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2004 by 10% or more, be at least 75,000 square feet (conditioned floor area) and have an estimated peak demand of 400 kW or more. Program incentives include free hourly building simulation modeling, a design team rebate and equipment rebates ranging from $0.08 to $0.16/kWh.

The SRP PowerWise™ Retrocommissioning program is designed to help business customers improve the efficiency of major mechanical and electrical systems in already existing large facilities (over 75,000 square feet). It focuses on identifying no- and low-costs measures with estimated simple paybacks of two year or less. The program will cover up to $50,000 per approved retrocommissioning project, with a maximum of $200,000 payout per program year.