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SoCalGas - Non-Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

Maximum Rebate 

Energy Efficiency Rebates for Businesses: $200,000/customer/year; $50,000 for greenhouse curtains, $25,000 for boilers and water heaters
Savings By Design Program: $150,000/year

Program Info
Start Date 


Expiration Date 


Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Business Energy Efficiency Program: $1/therm saved annually or 50% of cost
Furnaces: Varies
Burners: Varies
Heat Recovery Systems: Varies
Energy Management Systems: Varies
Clothes Washers: $35-$75/unit
Boiler: $0.25-$0.50/MBtuh
Tankless/Direct Contact/Storage Water Heater: $2/MBtuh
Large Tankless Water Heater: $0.50/MBtuh
Pool Heater: $2/MBtuh
Pipe Insulation: $2-$3/ln. ft.
Tank Insulation: $2-$4/sq. ft.
Greenhouse Heat Curtain: $0.20/sq. ft.
Infrared Film: $0.05/sq. ft.
Steam Traps: $100/unit
Oven: $500-$750
Double Rack Oven: $2000
Fryer: $500
Pressureless Steamer: $2000
Griddle: $125

Southern California Gas Company

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) offers non-residential customer rebates to encourage energy efficiency. More information about rebates and equipment requirements can be found at the program website.

The Energy Efficiency Rebates For Businesses (EERB) for general and small business covers the cost of prescriptive improvements, such as the installation of commercial grade clothes washers, boilers, water heaters, steam trap replacement and other energy efficient measures. A list of general equipment and food service equipment, along with rebate amounts are available on the program web site.

The Savings By Design Program (SBD) is an energy efficiency program that provides technical and financial resources to help commercial and industrial customers save energy and money when they design, expand, or change new or existing processes and facilities. Incentives equal up to $1 per therm saved annually, up to $150,000.

Other Information 

Various: see web site