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SMUD - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Multifamily Residential
Savings Category 
Solar Water Heat
Lighting Controls/Sensors
Heat Pumps
Air conditioners
Processing and Manufacturing Equipment
Custom/Others pending approval
Food Service Equipment
Vending Machine Controls
Commercial Cooking Equipment
Personal Computing Equipment
Data Center Equipment
LED Lighting
Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
Maximum Rebate 

All Custom Incentives: 30% of cost or the following, whichever is less
Savings By Design: $150,000
Data Center Cooling: $100,000
Server Virtualization: $150,000
Lighting Controls: $300,000
Interior Lighting (custom): $150,000
Exterior Lighting (custom): $50,000
Heating & Cooling (custom): $150,000
Motors & Controls (custom): $150,000

Program Info
Sector Name 
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Program Type 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

PC/Data Management
PC Network Software: $10 per software license
Plug Load Occupancy Sensors: $16.50
Data Center Cooling: 30% of cost
Server Virtualization: 30% of cost

LED Exit Signs: $15 - $40 per sign
Occupancy Sensors: $16.50 - $44
LED Lighting (Interior): $0.10 - $0.15 per kWh; plus $200 per kW for Title 24 applications
LED Lighting (Exterior): Up to 30% of cost
Display/Accent Lighting (Ceramic Metal Halide): $12.50 - $45
Bi-Level Stairwell/Hall/Garage Fixtures: $25 per unit
Custom: $0.06 per kWh up to 30% of cost
Lighting Controls: up to 80% of cost

Heating & Cooling
Custom: $0.15 per kWh, up to 30% of cost
Package Terminal AC & Heat Pumps: $100/unit
Variable Frequency Drives: $50/HP
Food Service Equipment
Refrigeration: See Program Website
Ovens: $350 - $1,000 per unit
Griddle: $300 per unit
Fryers: $200 per vat
Steam Cooker: $750 per unit
Ice Machines: $50 - $500 per unit
Insulated Holding Cabinets: $200 - $300
Ventilation Controls: $300 - $350 per hp

Motors & Controls
Custom: 30% of cost
Escalator Motor Controller: $20 per hp
Water-Based Cleaning Equipment: Up to $4,200


Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) offers a wide array of incentives for its commercial customers to increase the energy efficiency of their facilities. Rebates are available for a for lighting equipment and controls , HVAC systems and controls, motors, food service equipment, PC and Data management systems, refrigeration equipment and controls, and whole building measures .  

In general, SMUD provides both custom and prescriptive ("Express") incentive packages for eligible measures. Additional information on equipment and eligibility requirements, as well as a list of measures not eligible for rebates, can also be found on the program website.