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SCE - Non-Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

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Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Maximum Rebate 

Standard Performance Contracting: 50% of cost; $2,400,000
Customized Solutions: Up to 50% of cost
Direct Install Program: $10,000

Program Info
Funding Source 

Public Purpose Program

Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Lighting: Varies widely on type
Evaporative Coolers: $123/ton
Variable Frequency Drives: $80/HP
Package A/C and Heat Pumps: $100/unit
Customized HVAC/Cooling Applications: $0.15/kWh or $100/kW

Kitchen Ventilation: $300-$325/HP
Cooking Appliances: $200-$1250 unit
Holding Cabinet: $200-$300/unit
Ice Machine: $50-$500/unit
Refrigerator/Freezer: $50-$1000/unit
Refrigeration Controls: $75-$100/controller
Reflective Window Film: $1.35/sq. ft.
Electric Storage Water Heater: $30/unit
Plug load occupancy: $15/sensor
PC Network Software: $15/PC
Express Motors: $35-$1260/motor
Efficient Irrigation: $1.50/low pressure nozzle; $44/acre for drip irrigation
High-efficiency Copier: $100/unit
Customized Refrigeration, Cooking, Insulation, Motors, Office, and Miscellaneous: $0.09/kWh saved; $100/kW saved
Continuous Energy Improvement Program: Free Energy Efficiency Consulting Services
Retro-commissioning Program: Free building screening, scoping, building operations investigation, documentation and training.

Business Programs

Southern California Edison (SCE) offers incentives for non-residential customers, regardless of size and energy usage. [ Express Efficiency] rebates for lighting, refrigeration, food service, agricultural equipment, premium efficiency motors, and air conditioning technologies are available for various non-residential customer types. Applicants may complete the necessary forms that can be found on the program website. In addition, SCE has a Custom Contracting program in which non-residential users have the option of designing an energy retrofit conservation measure. Incentives are based on the type of measure installed and the kWh saved and peak demand reduction over a 12-month period. Applicants are eligible to receive up to 50% of the cost for each measure type. The maximum incentive is $2,400,000 annually, per customer site.

SCE has targeted incentives for the following customer types:

  • Agricultural and Food Processing
  • Government and Institutions
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing and warehousing
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Small Business
  • Water and wastewater

For specific incentives under each non-residential category, see program web site. SCE also offers a Retro commissioning Program and Continuous Energy Improvement Program. The Retro commissioning Program is meant to identify various ways to cut energy usage in commercial buildings, saving customers money. SCE representatives will work with customers to identify specific, cost-effective energy efficiency solutions and improvements. Training will be provided to building managers, as well as a benchmark target for energy reduction. The Continuous Energy Improvement Program offers free energy consulting to customers to help them continue to implement energy efficient measures. . 

Other Information 

Electric Storage Water Heater: 0.9 EF